1. Protect your passwords– Lock your phone with a solid password and unique finger impression or Touch ID. Utilize a portable password director like 1Password or LastPass to keep your passwords solid and novel over the majority of your devices and accounts.
  2. Turn off lock screen notifications– From text messages to online social media notifications, there’s a ton of individual data that can fly up on your phone’s lock screen for the world to see. Impairing lock-screen application notifications is a direct and advance way for concealing individual subtle elements from prying eyes. To turn off application notifications on iOS:

– Go to Settings > Notifications.

– Select an app and turn off the “Show on Lock Screen” setting. Or turn off previews for all apps by selecting “Show Previews” and tapping “When Unlocked” or “Never.”

On Android:

– Go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Notifications.

– Toggle “Hide content” to on.

Set text previews so you only see the name of the person texting you or disable previews all together.

On iOS:

– Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages.

– Under Alerts, toggle “Show on Lock Screen” to off. Or, if you never want text previews to pop up, tap “Show Previews” under Options and select “Never.”

On Android:

– Go to Messaging > Settings > Preview Messages.

– Then either turn off the previews or disable notifications.

  1. Lock your apps– App lockers give an additional level of security for your apps and work simply like the lock you set on your phone. On the off chance that another person utilizes your phone or if your gadget is stolen, the information in your apps remains locked behind a password.
  2. Hide your pictures– Protect yourself from a situation where somebody with your phone swipes past a personal photograph. Utilize a photograph vault app to store photographs that are for your eyes just behind a password and keep personal pictures private. You can likewise set up different special albums if you wish to share it with others.
  3. Use private profiles and private number– In case you’re dating or purchasing and offering things on the web, don’t give out your private phone number to somebody you just met. A burner phone app makes new phone numbers at whatever point you require them and personal details from the public world. You can send and get texts, calls and photographs from your main phone or gadget and keep your own phone number private. Make sure your social media profiles are in the private mode and only your friends/followers can view what you post online. This will eliminate the threat of identity theft and other threats that can arrive from exploitation of your information online.
  4. Keep your browsing secret– If you utilize free WiFi hotspots out in the open spaces, utilize a VPN to hide your own data from an unsecured open system. Ensure it’s a legitimate VPN service that you pay for and trust to keep up your security.